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Forge Legal commenced its life originally as Queensland Family Law Practice by the now CEO Tracey McMillan in 2011.  Tracey created Queensland Family Law practice because she held strong views about Family law and was dedicated and passionate about helping people through a process that could have serious consequences for clients, not just financially but also emotionally.  It was her belief that a lawyer played one of the most integral roles in determining whether a client could move past the end of a relationship in a healthy manner or not.  She never wanted her lawyers to be just good, they needed to be extraordinary, not just in their application of the law but also in their ability to connect with their clients, care about their clients, and be either a friend, confidant and sometimes quasi counsellor if needed.

As a result of Tracey’s passion, Queensland Family Law Practice continued to grow dramatically.  Due to popular request from clients to expand her areas of expertise, Queensland Family Law Practice joined with Robin Thomson Lawyers, Rhonda Penny Lawyers and Queensland Law Practice in 2016.  The joinder of these 4 law firms merged the experience of an expert and widely renowned family law firm with a firm experienced in Wills and Estates and Commercial law, a firm experienced in contracts, property and complexed conveyance and further coupled with firm experienced in all facets of Business Law.  This allowed the advice given to our clients to be so much more holistic in nature and meant that our client’s now could receive extraordinary advice across all fields relevant to them, not just family law.

Now a new era is upon us and with that, a change of name was needed.  A name that signifies what we stand for- strength, perseverance, the ability to pave a way forward and create promising futures for our clients. Thus Forge Legal was chosen. We forge forward regardless of the obstacles in our path, we help to forge our client’s a future beyond just the legal disputes.


  1. To form or make something, especially by concentrated effort.
  2. To create something strong, enduring or successful
  3. To move ahead gradually and steadily
  4. To take the lead or make good progress

While all lawyers claim to be good at what they do, Forge Legal sets our lawyers to take the lead in each of their fields of experience.  See why we are different to other firms.

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Why Choose Us?

We are on your side
We are on your side
Get through some of the most trialling times in life with as little stress as possible with our support. We are proud of the relationships we build with people who come to us and we endeavour to get you the outcome you need to move on with your life.

Support when you need it
Support when you need it
Get the best outcome for your family with a team that will make it as easy as possible while dealing with the family court. We know these times can be stressful and we are here to help.

Our Pledges to You
Our Pledges to You
Receive outstanding service from our experienced team with our 10 pledges to all our clients. These pledges formulate the cornerstone of our relationships to our clients and how we operate as a firm.