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A DVO or AVO is a civil Order between people to prevent violence in domestic circumstances. If you are a respondent to a DVO you are required to be of good behavior and not commit domestic violence against the aggrieved and any named protected persons and comply with the conditions of the Order or risk serious criminal penalties if breached. While it is possible to remove or vary a DVO this is very much dependent on a number of factors.

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The often-unspoken subject for many couples – the prenup. What is it? How does it work? Do we need one? All valid questions few couples dare to discuss for one reason or another but usually because it can make them uncomfortable. After all, no one enters into a relationship or marriage foreshadowing or planning its demise. 

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It is always surprising as a lawyer to note the ways in which people believe they may be saving money. Quite often, people have a tendency to become surprisingly excitable and self-congratulatory in relation to some very minor upfront ‘savings’ which when the inevitable catastrophe occurs, turn out to be anything but. In keeping with what is generally referred to as ‘Murphy’s Law’, such catastrophes have a tendency of occurring precisely in relation to the matter that the buyer could have prevented were it not for the flash of genius that enabled them to ‘save a bit of the folding stuff’ upfront.

property-settlement Blog - Latest News and Articles from Forge Legal

After combined decades of practicing in family law, every lawyer in this firm will tell you the number one mistake people make following separation is delaying seeking legal advice and worst yet allowing years to pass before finalizing a property settlement. Out of the hundreds of matters that we see each year, those that we distinctly remember are the ones who did not seek legal advice from the outset. Why? Because these are the matters with clients who come to you with what can only be described as a “dog's breakfast” when they have tried to resolve matters themselves or sat on their hands and done nothing. The consequences for those clients are not only costly and time-consuming but, at times, unfixable.

body-corporate Blog - Latest News and Articles from Forge Legal

In our many years in acting in residential conveyances in Brisbane, one of the things that we have found buyers are often mystified by and understand poorly, if at all, is the body corporate for apartment or unit developments. This is often to the detriment of buyers who may enter into a contract to purchase a unit without any idea as to what to look for in an apartment development and how such schemes operate.

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I’m a FIFO worker. How is my income assessed by the Child Support Agency?

Many FIFO workers earn an income in overseas jurisdictions. So what does this mean for your child support assessment?

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This article will cover the following important issues:

PART 1 – My domestic violence orders and parenting orders conflict

PART 2 – I have final parenting orders but due to acts of domestic violence, they’re no longer appropriate.

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What is a restraint of trade in an employment agreement? 

One of the most important types of clauses found in most employment agreements utilised by Australian businesses are restraint of trade clauses. These are clauses which restrict (or purport to restrict) the employee from certain forms of conduct which may be detrimental to the employer after the employment has ended.

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A donation made by Forge Legal helped a local team raise a record total for last year’s Camp Quality esCarpade.

Camp Quality’s esCarpade is an annual motoring adventure that raises money for kids living with cancer, allowing them to attend fun camps, while simultaneously giving their parents a break. The seven-day event attracts charitable car enthusiasts, driving fun-themed cars across the country. Each car must be over 20-years-old and have a driver, navigator, with a maximum of four participants allowed to take part.

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What are my child support obligations?

In Australia, a parent’s duty to maintain their children occurs through child support payments.

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