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Something that often surprises solicitors practicing in the area of succession law is the number of people who have been prudent enough to ensure their assets and loved ones are protected after their death by having a Will in place, only to completely leave to chance what might happen while they are still alive, but without the ability to make decisions.

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Are you considering doing your own automated Will online, or completing a Will Kit yourself, as a less expensive ‘do-it-yourself’ solution?  Be very careful as preparing your own Will using an online template, or using a ‘DIY’ Will Kit, can potentially create more problems for you and your family, rather than a solution. 

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We often get asked to assist clients in obtaining a divorce… but do they actually mean a “divorce” or are they referring to a “property settlement” or even “parenting orders”? The terminology can be confusing! This article explores some of those terms in order to give you some direction in settling your affairs after separation.

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In my experience practicing within the area, it is not uncommon for a party to a proceedings to “stick their foot in it”, so to speak, when it comes to the publication of information and details relating to a family law matter that should simply not be in the public eye – be it simply distasteful, or worse; prejudicial to a party or  hampering the judicial process.

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At some point in your life it’s likely you will know someone that is affected by cancer. One of the more unfortunate situations is if the ill person is a child.

In Australia, around 750 children between 0-14 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Almost half of them are between 0-4 years old. Leukemia is the most common cancer, with tumors following a close second. Simply put, two Australian families have their world turned upside-down with news of this debilitating sickness every single day.