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The legal profession is one of few remaining professions that charges in units of time. This can be confusing for non-lawyers or those who have been fortunate enough to avoid needing a lawyer. To resolve some of the confusion in the simplest way possible, most law firms bill according to the time invested in completing a task. Let’s say, for example, a lawyer charges $400 per hour, and that lawyer prepares a letter for you which takes an hour, then you would be charged $400 for that letter. If that letter took 30 minutes to prepare then you would be charged $200 and the invoice for that letter would be sent after the work has been performed.

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As solicitors practicing in the area of wills and estates, we are forever warning clients of the risks of wills being contested.

Such warnings are reflected in the unfortunate situation in which the family of Bob Hawke, Australia’s 23rd prime minister, now find themselves.

Before turning to the Hawke family situation, it is necessary to discuss the two primary ways in which the contesting of a will can occur.

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George Calombaris is back in the headlines for underpaying his staff to the amount of $7.83 million dollars. In addition to having to repay all these funds back to his employees, George was also hit with a $200,000 fine. Given that even Australia’s celebrities can fall down in this area, we thought now might be a good time to remind employers of some important issues they need to comply with when paying employees.

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It’s dreaded flu season! So, you got your flu shot and encouraged all your staff to get flu shots. You disinfected the entire office with Dettol and you even spray every person who comes into the office with a delightful shower of Glen 20. In fact, your business now looks like an anti-contamination chamber from the movie Outbreak. For all your efforts to keep people healthy and working, one person gets gastro and bam! Pretty soon the domino effect starts, and everyone is sick.

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Amongst all of the rapid changes of the twenty-first century, one of the most discussed social issues is gender diversity. Society has come forward in leaps and bounds with respect to the inclusion and rights of Australians who identify as LGBTIQ.

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I have entitled this article verbatim from a family law client who contacted our office with this exact question. In fact, if I was a betting person, I would bet that I am asked this question a handful of times per week.

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Parenting Orders are made to be in place until the child is no longer a child, that is until the child turns 18 years of age. However, with the needs and circumstances of a child changing from day to day, how reasonable is it to expect that Parenting Orders will spell out the full extent of ongoing care and living arrangements for your child until they are 18? The answer – unreasonable.

Myths About Parenting Laws In Australia

The legal system can be a daunting and traumatic, especially if you do not have the correct information or the right legal advice and guidance.  There are various myths about parenting matters created through the media or by word of mouth which may cause you to falsely assume your case is bound to lose.  However, every case is different and these myths are not necessarily how the Family Courts will determine parenting arrangements for your children.

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When we look at the ‘father’s rights’ in parenting matters, the important thing to understand is that there is no such thing as men’s rights vs women’s rights under the Family Law Act 1975.

The only rights that the Court is legally obliged to consider is that of the child.

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If there has been any form of domestic violence in a relationship, it's not unusual to see applications for a Domestic Violence/Protection Order (DVO), usually with the objective to try to gain an advantage in the family law proceedings. This is often practised in family law disputes involving children.

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