Business Documents

business documentsWhen running a business, it is imperative to ensure that you properly document all business arrangements and relationships. This requires that your business documentation is up to date and otherwise compliant with the current state of the law. All too often, businesses rely upon agreements or ‘antiquated’ documentation that fails to accommodate developments in the law. This can result in a range of adverse outcomes which can be prejudicial to your business’ interests.

Regularly reviewing your business documents, and where applicable, receiving legal advice about the suitability of such documentation can assist you to manage your risk in this respect. Similarly, where business documents need to be drafted, the assistance of a lawyer with experience in relation to commercial matters is best placed to assist you to protect and advance your interests.

The team at Forge Legal is experienced in assisting business owners to document any and all commercial arrangements effectively. With decades of business knowledge and strategy, we are best placed to assist with:

  • Business policies;
  • Authoring legally compliant invoices;
  • Authoring legally compliant letters;
  • Writing or reviewing contracts;
  • Examining lease/rental agreements; or
  • Documenting staff and performance issues

As with any well-oiled machine, it pays to have your business documentation integrating smoothly and seamlessly to minimise the time you spend on dealing with those complicated issues that fall through the cracks.