Business Policies

business policiesPolicies are a legal document that outlines requirements and expectations of staff and ensures that relationships and behaviour are properly managed and documented, a rule book for employees and managers to follow. Having well-drafted policies is necessary for effective control of managing employees, maintaining your business direction and reducing the risk of litigation for any small, medium or large business. As businesses grow, the importance of having well-drafted policies become more necessary, in particular when managing the day to day behaviour of staff and how they conduct business.

Business Policy Examples

Policies can be written to cover any imaginable scenario, they just need to be drafted correctly. Obviously, the more common a scenario is or may be, the more important it is to have a company policy on. Some common policies are:

  • Privacy;
  • Social Media;
  • Human Resources Dispute Resolution;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Drug and alcohol policies; and
  • Employee conduct

Forge can assist you with your business policy needs. Whether you prefer very general, all-encompassing policies, which mitigate minor amounts of risk, or bespoke ‘ironclad’ policies specifically designed for no loophole, ultra-performing specialised services, Forge Legal’s contract law and business team is second to none.

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We are on your side
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