Child Protection and Safety

The best interests of you and your child are our top priority. We will support you at all times through this difficult period.

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Why you need a family lawyer for
child protection and safety

Financial Assets

Fighting for the bests interests of you and your child

The best interests of you and your child are our top priority. We will do our best to support you through this difficult time, simplifying the process where we can and fighting for a timely result that will produce the best possible outcome.

Timely Legal Services

Assisting you in facing the court

Facing the court can be an unsettling experience, but a family lawyer can assist you. We have decades of experience in representing individuals who wish to submit or defend applications from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services regarding temporary assessment and child protection.

Dispute Resolution

Negotiating with the Government Departments on your behalf

We can represent you in your negotiations with the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services. Our legal team has decades of experience negotiating on child protection matters, and we can give you the best possible chance at obtaining a positive outcome.

Drafting solutions to help you move forward

Moving forward after child protection cases can be difficult depending on the outcome of your case. We are committed to drafting solutions to help you move forward with your life in consideration of the circumstances of your individual case, such as how you can maintain communication and contact with your child.

Frequently asked questions

If you believe that a child is in immediate danger, call police on 000 without hesitation. If you have reasonable belief that a child is being neglected or abused either physically, sexually or emotionally, it is important to alert the authorities in your state or territory. You do not require absolute certainty that the neglect or abuse is occurring in order to alert the authorities. Explain your beliefs to the authorities and they will decide whether or not to investigate further.
The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services is a department in the Queensland Government that holds responsibility over a variety of social services involving child safety, disability, community care, housing, homelessness, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander services, sport, women, multicultural affairs and recreation. One of the Department’s main roles is protecting children from risks of harm.
Children may be removed from their parents’ care if there is alleged abuse of the child or the parent or carer has an inability to adequately and properly care for or protect a child. Applications can be made to the Childrens Court with evidence to request the removal of a child from an individual’s care and protection.
Children who are removed from the care of a parent will be transported to a safe place, which could be with a relative, trustworthy friend, foster carer or in residential care or independent living. Where the child is transported to depends on the circumstance of the individual situation. The child won’t return to the parents’ care without consent from the Childrens Court.
A caseworker will make an application to the Childrens Court listing the reasons they believe the child was not safe with you. They will then explain their intentions with the child moving forward. The court will make the final decision regarding whether or not the child is in need of protection and care.
As with all court cases involving children, the court will consider what is in the child’s best interests when deciding whether or not they need to be removed from parents’ care. A child won’t be removed unless it can be proven to the court that removal is necessary for the child’s wellbeing. A child can also be removed if there is consent from the parent.
The Childrens Court will make a child protection order if they believe a child is in need of protection. This means the court agrees that the child has been harmed or is at serious risk of being harmed and is not safe in their home environment. Child protection orders will be made if you cannot or aren’t willing to safely care for your child at home. Child protection orders can be short (lasting up to two years) or long (lasting until the child turns 18).

Why choose us

We will tell you the truth at all times

We will be honest with you about your prospects of success, issues that arise or the commercial viability of your matter. The first time you come to see us, we will tell you whether you even need a lawyer.

We will respect you and your situation

Our job is not to judge anything you may have done. Our job is to guide your matter and actions moving forward to give you the best possible outcome for you, both legally and personally.

We will listen and understand your needs

We will hear not just what you want to achieve, but why you want to achieve it. We will tell you what you need to do to achieve the outcome you are after, legally, practically and emotionally.

We will stand by you all the way

Your matter doesn’t finish once a court order has been made. We will stay on your matter right up until all of the outstanding issues have been dealt with and the court orders are complied with.

We can help you with all family law matters

Forge Legal’s family lawyers are specialists in all areas of family law and can assist you with all child protection and safety legal matters.

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