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child supportNavigating and understanding the processes of the Child Support Agency and the subsequent decisions that they make can be confusing and overwhelming. We cannot stress enough, the significance of having an experienced lawyer on your side with respect to any dealings with the Child Support Agency.

It can be difficult to understand even the basics, such as the differences of and distinguishing between “income received” and the “true financial benefit” received by parties. Even the process for calculating “assessable income” for a Child Support Application is problematic for many.

Forge Legal Director, Tracey McMillan, is one of only a handful of Child Support experts in Australia, who has years of experience with the Child Support Liable Parent Section of Legal Aid Queensland. Using this knowledge and experience, Forge Legal is best placed to assist you to not only understand the processes of the Child Support Agency, but also strategically navigate the many facets of the Agency. Even after a matter has been resolved, we can provide counsel as to the reasoning of decisions made and whether there are options for re-visiting a matter, or perhaps overturning a decision.

Being lead from the front, the Forge Legal team has experience to prepare, negotiate, represent in Court and provide advice about the following types of child support matters:

  • Departure Applications;
  • Departure Prohibition Orders;
  • Stay Orders;
  • Change of Assessment Applications;
  • Overseas Child support Applications;
  • Adult Child Maintenance Orders;
  • Step Parenting Maintenance Orders;
  • Child Support Objections; and
  • Private Child Support Arrangements, including:
    • Limited Child Support Agreements; and
    • Binding Child Support Agreements.

No matter the child support difficulty you face, you can have confidence that Forge Legal will provide you with accurate advice and has the experience required to confidently lead you through the process.

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Alan Wan
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Alan Wan
Alexander Prior and the team at Forge Legal were amazing. We were first home buyers, but had no doubts that our conveyancing job be well looked after from the moment we walked their office. If you're looking for a caring and compassionate lawyer, speak to Alex and thank me later.
Tess Werner
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Tess Werner
I had Hayley Kennedy do my divorce and property settlement which included some complicated parenting orders. Hayley was thorough, caring and explained things really well during this difficult time . I appreciated her knowledge and advice that really helped me sort out issues I didn’t even know I should - to avoid problems down the track. Great lawyer!
Kristian Delaney
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Kristian Delaney
Alexander Prior, possesses a unique ability to communicate fundamental elements of the legal framework with clients, in dialogue they understand. He is methodical, accurate and succinct in his practice and a highly recommended legal advisor.