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We can help you with child custody

The decisions you make now may change your life as you know it. Let our friendly & understanding team make the process easy so you can focus on more important things.

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children and custodyOngoing care arrangements for children do not have to require the intervention of the Childrens Court. If you and your former partner can reach an amicable agreement between yourselves, there are two ways in which you can finalise your arrangements. These are:

  1. Parenting Plan – A Parenting Plan is a written agreement between parties. A Parenting Plan is not filed with the Court and can be prepared with or without legal assistance.
  1. Consent Order – A Consent Order is a written agreement between the parties. A Consent Order must be filed with the Court and it is at the discretion of the Court as to whether they consider the agreement should be made into an order having regard to what it is in the best interests of the children. 

Customised advice or orders set out clear guidelines for all parties to adhere to, to help make living your life as peaceful as possible. As a bare minimum, parenting plans and consent orders should include guidelines regarding:

  • who the children are to live with;
  • who the children are to spend time with;
  • how and when the children will communicate with each parent;
  • arrangements for school holidays and special days such as Christmas, Easter and birthdays;
  • where the children are to live including seeking orders for relocation;
  • overseas travel arrangements; and
  • how educational and medical information is to be exchanged.

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child custody

Forge Legal’s Family Law Division, is best placed to assist you with all facets of your family law matter involving your children. We regularly assist separated couples to negotiate ongoing care arrangements for children and formalise any agreements by preparing consent orders or Parenting Plans.

Childrens Court 

Unfortunately, not all separations are amicable. When the other party is being completely unreasonable, it is sometimes necessary to initiate proceedings in the Family Courts. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of Family Law and the Courts, and regularly formulate winning strategies to maximise your chances of success. Our team are renowned for their many successes in even the most complex matters involving:

  • Seeking and defending Contravention Orders;
  • Magellan matters involving child abuse;
  • Appeals;
  • Grandparent Applications;
  • Hague Convention Applications.

We also understand that separation can be emotionally draining for you and your family. Our pledge to you is to assist you through the legal process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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We are on your side
We are on your side
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Support when you need it
Support when you need it
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Cam Brooks
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Cam Brooks
Made a great choice to go with Forge Legal . All the staff, including Stacey on the front desk, were very professional and friendly to deal with. I would like to particularly thank Nathalie for helping me get such a positive outcome. Nathalie gave great advice, she is very efficient and a great communicator. Highly recommend.
Alan Wan
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Alan Wan
Alexander Prior and the team at Forge Legal were amazing. We were first home buyers, but had no doubts that our conveyancing job be well looked after from the moment we walked their office. If you're looking for a caring and compassionate lawyer, speak to Alex and thank me later.
Tess Werner
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Tess Werner
I had Hayley Kennedy do my divorce and property settlement which included some complicated parenting orders. Hayley was thorough, caring and explained things really well during this difficult time . I appreciated her knowledge and advice that really helped me sort out issues I didn’t even know I should - to avoid problems down the track. Great lawyer!