Court Litigation Lawyers Brisbane

Whenever you commence or defend Court proceedings it is important to ensure that your lawyer understands the applicable law and how best to strategically navigate the legal system and relevant processes to achieve your desired goals. Whether for an individual or a business, our team of handpicked lawyers are chosen based upon specific strengths and skill sets within their chosen focus areas of law. This allows every client to be matched with the best lawyer possible, whom is well-experienced in their field, giving the best possibility to achieve winning client outcomes. Our extensive history of court wins relates to areas of litigation including:

  • Contract or Commercial litigation,
  • Contesting Wills / Family Provision Applications,
  • Property or Lease disputes, or
  • Employment Disputes.

Our winning formulae is underscored by the presence of Director, Tracey McMillan, who previously practised as a Barrister for approximately 8 years. Tracey’s knowledge of the practical “ins and outs” of the Court system informs the firm’s focus on matter strategy and client outcomes.