Drafting Contracts

drafting contracts

A significant advantage of written agreements is that they provide a verifiable reference point for parties to have regard to. This is of particular benefit where a dispute arises as to the rights and obligations of the parties, as it may assist the parties to understand the terms agreed. That being said, a poorly drafted contract may not necessarily be worth the paper it is written on. In this respect, it is best practice to ensure that a written contract accurately reflects the intentions of the parties, clearly articulates rights and obligations, along with other relevant terms. For example, other relevant terms may include monies to be paid in exchange for a particular service or goods or the timing of certain events.

When drafting written contracts, it is also important to ensure that you understand the operation of the law to maximise the opportunity for terms to be capable of being enforced and otherwise with a view to ensuring that your interests are protected and otherwise advanced. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for parties to draft reliable contracts. It is prudent to seek legal advice and assistance in order to do so. The dedicated team at Forge Legal has experience in drafting contracts over the last 30 years and have been able to assist a range of clients in relation to their contractual needs on a regular basis. Whether you require employment contracts, leasing contracts or bespoke contracts of sale or exchange, our expert team welcome the opportunity to assist you with your drafting requirements.