Fair Work Actions

fair work actionsEmployees can bring actions against their Employers before the Fair Work Commission in range of circumstances arising from their activity in the workplace. Common examples of the types of actions brought in this respect include:

  • Unfair Dismissal Claims;
  • General Protections Claims; and
  • Anti-Bullying applications.

Strict legal rules apply to the conduct of actions before the Fair Work Commission. These legal rules apply to the conduct of such matters, who commences proceedings, their timing, the filing of relevant documentation, presentation of evidence and remedies available.

It is not always easy for parties involved in Fair Work Commission proceedings to understand how best to proceed or address an action that is raised. Unfortunately, without a proper understanding of these types of actions, many parties find it difficult to ensure that their interests are advanced or otherwise protected. For this reason, it will often be prudent to receive legal advice in relation to the conduct of Fair Work Commission proceedings.

Forge Legal’s Employment law team has solicitors who are experienced in dealing with these matters. Their decades of experience allow them to assist clients to effectively navigate Fair Work Commission with a view to advancing and otherwise protecting their interests. If you require assistance in relation to any Fair Work Commission matter, contact Forge Legal to learn how we may be of assistance to you.