Independent Contractor Arrangements

Understanding the differences between categories of workers is very important for employers, principals and workers to understand. These differences can affect a range of issues fundamental to working relationships, including control over how and when the work is completed, who is liable for deficient or negligent work and who is responsible to make payment of compulsory entitlements and other contributions.

Independent contractor arrangements can be viewed as attractive arrangements in many working contexts but can prove to be a minefield of liability for those involved without proper consideration. As such, independent contractor arrangements need to be carefully scrutinised to ensure they are lawful and that they represent the true intention and needs of both parties. Failure to correctly draft, assess and implement independent contractor arrangements can result in a raft of adverse consequences for all those involved.

Forge’s Legal’s Employment Law division has over 30 years of experience assisting business’ to correctly identify existing working relationships and the status of their existing workforce. Regardless of whether you choose to hire employee’s or contract others to fulfil a worker deficit, it is imperative you utilise them effectively, according to the appropriate terms and conditions that they are governed by.