alexander-prior Alexander Prior - Forge Legal

As a solicitor at Forge Legal, Alexander has extensive experience acting in relation to Property Law, Estate Law, Commercial Law and Family Law matters. His expertise ranges from residential conveyancing to property and contractual disputes; from the preparation of Wills for local clients to complex estate administration issues -- he may be found drafting an employment agreement on one day and a divorce application on the next!

While working at a full-service firm, Alexander likes to maintain a community-oriented focus, nourishing close relationships with clients, their families and their businesses so that he can assist with a range of legal issues in an ongoing sense whenever they should arise.

Around the office, Alexander goes by the saying that 'Excellence is in the details'. He sees it as his privilege and responsibility to take the highest degree of care when dealing with a client's matter, no matter how simple or complex. It is for this reason that Alexander goes above and beyond in ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients in any given situation. In taking this approach, Alexander ensures that his clients always become repeat clients.