JG%20side%20on%20web%20banner%20 Jessica Grumelart - Forge Legal

Jessica is a strong advocate for her client. With a natural talent for law and a focused interest on the child support system, parental/paternity concerns and LGBTIQ related legal issues, she has become a welcome member of the Forge Family Law team. Her favourite proverb is “trust, but verify” and when applied to property, parenting and complex children’s matters, gives Jessica exceptional leverage in negotiating and resolving client matters, as her research is meticulous and thorough.

Jessica is always respectful, as such her rapport with clients is outstanding. She follows the KISS method when advising clients – keep it simple stupid! Her goal is to ensure the client receives accurate, cost effective, helpful advice whilst feeling cared for and heard. With solid knowledge in court proceedings, understanding your rights or working to resolve a mater amicably through mediation, she is able to assist.

With a background in property law, litigation, insolvency and probity, Jessica is able to view a matter from a number of different angles. This holistic view allows Jessica to adopt the best strategies to achieve the greatest results for her Family Law clients.