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Tracey McMillan

Tracey McMillan is the Chief Executive Officer of Forge Legal.  She became a barrister in 2001, practising predominantly in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law

In 2008, Tracey opted to leave the Bar and work as a solicitor, feeling that most matters were won or lost well before a barrister was introduced to the equation.  As such, Tracey wanted a more hands-on approach with her clients - right from the beginning of the matter. By doing this, Tracey was able to obtain desirable outcomes for her clients in circumstances where they otherwise may not have such a possibility.

After years as working as a special counsel, Tracey decided to branch out on her own and created Queensland Family Law Practice, which has now grown to become Forge Legal.  Tracey’s experience is exceptionally well rounded - while Family Law is her predominant area of practice, Tracey has vast experience with business structures, trusts, and complex Superannuation matters.  She is also one of the very few practitioners within Queensland who has extensive experience in child support, having managed and practiced in the child support section within Legal Aid. Tracey’s extensive experience with her own businesses and trusts allows her to bring much more to the table than just legal knowledge - she has common sense and practical solutions for her clients.

Tracey is direct and strategic but compassionate with her clients and as a result, she is referred to as a fierce fighter for a good cause.  Tracey goes the extra mile and she genuinely takes each of her matters to heart, treating them as if she were representing her own family.

Her passion for justice has resulted in regular invites to speak on topics of Domestic Violence and the Court’s inconsistent approaches to men and women.  Tracey has also received numerous awards, both nationally and internationally, for her expertise in Family Law and matrimonial issues.

Tracey’s saying in both work and life is ‘nothing ever changes if nothing ever changes’.  Change is needed to allow for something new and exciting to come into your life.

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We are on your side
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