Paternity (DNA) Testing

If managed incorrectly, DNA testing and child support negotiations can be drawn out and complicated. Experienced family lawyers can make the process quick and easy.

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Paternity (DNA) Testing

Financial Assets

Assisting you in locating the other party if you are unsure where they live

Obtaining a DNA test can be difficult or impossible if you are unsure how to locate the individual concerned. We can help you find those involved so the DNA testing process flows quickly and smoothly. In some circumstances, we can even have documents delivered to the other party without requiring an address.

Timely Legal Services

Understanding how the law applies to your specific circumstance

The law will apply differently to each individual case. If managed incorrectly, DNA testing and child support negotiations can be drawn out and complicated. We can analyse your case and advise the most appropriate way of progressing with DNA testing to make the process quick and easy, whether it be discussing with the other party or applying for a court order.

Dispute Resolution

Addressing your concerns or questions

Our experienced team of family lawyers can help answer your questions or concerns throughout the DNA testing process, such as how the process will work, how to get in contact with an individual, how to obtain an order and what the outcome of the test will mean for you and your child.

Helping you obtain a DNA testing order

If one party won’t agree to participating in a DNA test, a family lawyer can help. We can assist you in understanding what you need to prove to a court in order to obtain a court ordered DNA test that will require the party to consent to the test.

Frequently asked questions

DNA (paternity) tests analyse an individual’s DNA to provide reliable evidence of a child’s parentage. DNA testing can be completed with the consent of both parties or alternatively by a court order.
DNA tests can be sought out by either an individual who claims to be a biological parent of a child, or by an individual who refutes that they are a parent of the child. DNA testing can prove or preclude an individual as a child’s biological parent.
If one party won’t agree to participate in a DNA test, a family lawyer can seek orders on your behalf to compel the other party to consent to a DNA test. This is known as a court ordered DNA test.
In order to obtain a court ordered DNA test, you must prove that there is evidence to support a reasonable basis for doubting whether a person is the parent of a child (for example, the father was working away at the time of conception, or the biological mother was involved with another male at the time of conception). If the DNA test is required for child support purposes, additional information may be required.
You can make an application for a DNA test if you are a father that is seeking to spend time with a child that is claimed by the other party to not be biologically yours. DNA testing can also be sought to either seek or refute an application for child support.
There are two types of DNA testing procedures. These are:
- Peace of mind testing: this type of testing is also commonly known as self-sampling and does not meet the legal requirements of a court ordered test, as samples are taken by the individual as opposed to an authorised collector such as a pathologist. Once a sample is collected by an individual, it is sent to an authorised collector for analysis. This method can cost anywhere upwards of $150; and
- DNA typing: this type of testing is much more accurate, with an accuracy rate of 99.999 per cent. A pathologist laboratory collects samples (usually a mouth swab) from the man and child, where both are required to have formal identification prior to the procedure. This method can cost anywhere upwards of $825.

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