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Employment Contracts

Gold Detailed Employment Contract

$1,500.00 each

  • GOLD
  • GOLD DETAILED Contractor Agreement
  • Our Gold Package also includes Notes and instructions on how to use effectively.

    Includes clauses on:
  •   Job Classification
  •   Award Coverage
  •   Position and duty Description
  •   Procedures and policies
  •   Hours of work
  •   Fees and Expenses
  •   Remuneration & Bonus’
  •   Leave (Personal, Annual and Long service)
  •   Superannuation
  •   Confidentiality
  •   Intellectual Property
  •   Termination Conditions
  •   Fit for Work
  •   Bullying & Discrimination
  •   Restraint of Trade

contractor employment agreements

Our Gold standard contract packages offer the best value-for money sentiment for business’. They are more comprehensive than our silver contracts and are a best seller with our small and medium sized business clients. They cover a wide range of situations including stopping disgruntled and ex-employees from taking your clients and business with them when they go.

Do you have a mix of Fulltime, Part-time and Casual workers?

Ask about our Bundle packages today!

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