Representing Yourself in Family Court in Australia

Need to go to court but can’t afford a lawyer? We can still help you! We offer online training for people just like you so you can represent yourself in court.

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Did you know that 30 to 40% of people are now representing themselves in Family Court because they can’t afford lawyers! Holy Cow!!!

What the stats don’t tell you is how many people are unsuccessful when they represent themselves. Given that people are not born with an internal law degree I can only imagine it isn’t great.

No one is doing anything to fix the problem. The Courts are no help. There are so many rules and forms and something called “admissible evidence” that you are all just expected to know.

If you know me then you know that it drives me insane when people just stand by and do nothing.

So to hell with it. If no one else is going to do something then I will.


I was going to hold off launching my new innovation but frankly, it just can’t wait. People need help now!

So I am going to give away my trade secrets. This is the stuff that I have won multiple cases and awards for. This is 20 years of my life’s work and refinement that I am going to give away. It is the intellectual property lawyers hold sacred.

I am personally launching 2 courses to give you all the tools you need to prepare your own Consent Orders and represent yourself in Family Court.


THIS IS BIG – I am personally running these courses.


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 3 sessions of 1-hour online course complete with example documents that I use every day
  • 1 private 20 min session with me
  • Exclusive Access to our VIP Family Law Facebook group with live Q&A sessions with me weekly
  • Free subscription to our innovative new online platform Nolawyers.com.au for 3 months
  • Access to a recording of the Course so that you can watch it at your own pace.

At the completion of these courses, you will have all you need to draft your Court documents and know what to do when you go to court.

Normally my clients would invest $30,000.00 for this material.   But because I have a real bugbear about how bad the Family Court is getting I am going to do it just for $199 per course.

REALLY IMPORTANT  – Because I want these Courses to be interactive so that you can get as much value out of them as possible I am limiting the number in each course.

So if you think either or both of these courses could help you then jump on and sign up ASAP!

I look forward to demystifying the Family Court system with you.

Tracey McMillan

Tracey McMillan Family Lawyer
Bachelor of Laws
Bar Practice Course
Admitted as a Barrister 2001
Admitted to the High Court of Australia 2001
Admitted to practice in Queensland 2001
Admitted to practice in New South Wales 2005
Duty Lawyer Accreditation
Nationally Accredited Mediator


Tracey McMillan is the CEO of Forge Legal who works tirelessly to achieve best possible outcomes for her clients. She became a barrister in 2001, practising predominantly in the areas of Family Law and Criminal Law.


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