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Susan Doyle


Susan approached Forge Legal after some personal family issues resulted in her wanting to update her will. Navigating complex family arrangements Forge helped Susan create a will that gave her total peace of mind.

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Dale Ristovski

Red Health

What makes Forge Legal Forge Legal? No judgement, high standards, true care, empowering attitudes and incredible service delivery. We love our clients and we love to see them flourish and grow, this is what gets us up in the morning. To see stressful, sometimes painful situations turn into opportunities is absolute magic.

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When someone says that they’ve been ‘given mental strength’ through our actions, that makes all the hard work worth it. Empowering people is one of our core tenets, but seeing it actually take place is so incredibly rewarding.

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Wow, what a thing to offer someone. When you’re in your darkest hour, it can be all consuming. You need to have the support around you to get you through and being a resource from which you can draw hope, inspiration, clarity and certainty is an incredible responsibility that we treasure deeply.

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Forge has helped me with more than one legal matter. I found our lawyer to be very helpful, professional, empathetic and just a great all round great lawyer and great person. I would recommend Forge Legal for any of your legal matters.

Vanessa Scott

We used the conveyancing team at Forge Legal for our recent home purchase in Brisbane. It helped a lot to be able to speak to someone directly when I had any questions. I highly recommend Forge and I will use them again for our next property purchase


Highly recommend! I recently had an excellent experience with Forge Legal. Their professionalism and expertise sets them apart from the rest. They really went above and beyond to deliver a prompt and seamless experience during a difficult time.

Tess Carlisle

Very impressed. The expertise and consultation was far better than I’ve ever experienced before. Most grateful!

Cherelle Swann

In my darkest times Forge’s family first approach made me feel comforted and safe.


I was suprised by Forge’s holistic service. They were so much more than just great lawyers.

Abigail Whitehaven

I was fortunate to use Forge who dealt with my family situation with professionalism and compassion.

Emmanuel Sakellaris

A legal firm that's willing to treat you like a human. Forge made me feel like everything was going to be all right.

Stephen Pastor

The team at Forge Legal have always been honest, upfront and direct in the processes of family law. Everything is explained clearly and professionally with the up most respect. They made the ordeal easy and seam free.

Nikki Ambler

I needed a divorce lawyer I could trust. And I trusted Forge completely.

James Smith

With Forge, it's all about the customer. What I see there is a team of people who go above and beyond. That is what makes it special.

Dale Ristovski

Forge care about people's needs. They want to be involved and they want to care what your situation is.

Peter Talbot

The team at Forge Legal were amazing. We were first home buyers, but had no doubts that our conveyancing job be well looked after from the moment we walked their office. If you're looking for a caring and compassionate lawyer, speak to Forge Legal conveyancing.

Alan Wan

I made a great choice to go with Forge Legal. All the staff were very professional and friendly to deal with.

Cam Brooks

We can help you through your divorce.

Forge Legal’s divorce lawyers are specialists in all areas of family law and can assist you with all legal matters in your divorce/separation.

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