Unfair Dismissal

Unfair dismissalIt is all too common this day and age that employees claim ‘Unfair Dismissal’ regardless of whether it is justified or not. Irrespective of circumstances, these claims are always time-consuming and costly. To this end, it is paramount that you navigate the process of dismissing an employee with great caution.

In the eyes of the court, the dismissal of an employee may be considered unfair in a range of circumstances.Strict rules govern when an employee will be considered to have been unfairly dismissed, who can bring such a claim and the timeframe for bringing an application for an unfair dismissal remedy.Understanding the strategic operation of the law before appearing in court is crucial for employers and employees alike.

Forge Legal has a team of employment law experts, possessing extensive experience spanning the last 30 years. We have acted countless times for both employers and employees in relation to unfair dismissal disputes. Regardless of the situation, we are best placed to provide advice to avoid ‘false accusations’ or provide relevant advice and guidance with advocacy and/or representation.