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Helping you create or change a will

‘Do-it-yourself’ will kits are available, but many people may struggle to create or change a will without legal assistance. A lawyer can help you with this process by explaining any legal terminology and the long term impacts your will might have to ensure your estate is divided up according to your wishes.

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Ensuring your will is legally binding and up to date

It is important that your family is taken care of after you pass away. Through the help of a lawyer, you can ensure your will is legally binding and up to date in the event of your passing. A legally binding and up to date will can also prevent arguments within the family over the distribution of your property.

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Assisting you in selecting an executor

After you pass away, the executor of your will will be responsible for the distribution of your estate. We can assist you in selecting an appropriate executor capable of distributing your estate strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of your will.

Frequently asked questions

A will is a legal document that describes how you would like your money, belongings and any other assets (your estate) to be divided once you pass away. The individuals you list to receive your estate are called beneficiaries, and the individual you list to administer your estate after you pass away is called your executor. Your will can include guardians for your children and pets, a trust to provide for children or an individual with a disability, any preferences you may have for your funeral, or if you want to give money to a charity.
An executor is the individual or organisation named in a will that carries out the wishes of the deceased after they pass away. It is important for the executor to pay all of the debts and taxes of the deceased before distributing the estate. This is also called estate administration.
In order for a will to become legal in Queensland, you must be over 18 years old, the will must be in writing and signed and dated by two witnesses who are also over the age of 18. The witnesses are not allowed to be a beneficiary of the will or know any individuals who could benefit from your will.
If you haven’t created a will, you are said to have died ‘intestate’ and the division of your estate will be decided by the Public Trustee. The Succession Act 1981 (Qld) lists rules for who will receive this estate based on the circumstances of your life at the time you passed away. Locating the individuals who will receive your estate can take extra time and may add costs which will be deducted from your estate.
You should consider updating your will if:

- You become married or you enter into a de facto relationship;
- You become separated, divorced or end your de facto relationship;
- You have children or grandchildren born;
- The executor or beneficiary of your will passes away;
- You have bought or sold property; or
- Your financial circumstances have changed drastically.
Creating or changing a will is completely your choice, and it is illegal for any other person to force you to create or change a will. If someone has forced you to change your will, you should seek support from the Elder Abuse Helpline or the Office of the Public Guardian.
The simplest way to cancel your will is by replacing it with a newly created one. Your will can also become cancelled if there are changes in your life such as entering a new marriage or de facto relationship, or separating or divorcing your spouse or de facto partner.
If your family is arguing over the terms of your will, you should consult an estate planning lawyer who has experience in dealing with will disputes. If disputes cannot be resolved amicably, you will need to apply to the court to resolve them.

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