Workplace Rights and Entitlements


Rules apply to the conditions of employment that are received by workers, including minimum wages, hours of work and break periods. Depending on the nature of the work and role being performed, these rules can be set out in relevant awards, registered agreements, employment contracts and appropriate legislation. As such, it can be difficult for employers and employees alike to properly navigate and understand the workplace relations system.


It is the duty of employers to ensure that employees receive their lawful entitlements. Generally, these entitlements relate to:

  • Full and Correct wages for the governing award, legislation or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement you are operating under;
  • Full Personal and Annual leave entitlements;
  • Full Superannuation contributions;
  • Unpaid leave entitlements (dependent on the specific circumstances of the matter)

Given the adverse penalties that may arise from getting workplace rights and entitlements wrong, it is imperative you have an experienced solicitor identify the correct ‘rule-book’ to follow. Our veteran Employment Law division has over 30 years of experience in assisting employers to navigate and correctly identify the appropriate workplace rights and entitlements across a range of industry and professional settings.